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About Us

"What if  I created a gathering spot where people knew they belonged

in the world, in a community, and to themselves? "


About Us


Flourish Ojai is a place of beauty and restoration... a place to reset, be still, be inspired, be in community, be an antidote to these uncertain times. It is a center for creative fulfillment and loving support. It will provide an opportunity to learn, expand, risk, laugh, grow, be informed, be at home with oneself, be encouraged, and be respected. 


Our Vision


To inspire reciprocal relationships that deepen self-worth, shift perceptions, and enliven passions and dreams. 

Our Mission


To offer a nurturing environment that inspires creative expression, healthy connection, and personal transformation.


Verb:    "To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. To blossom, flower, prosper, thrive, revive, regrow."


Noun:    "An instance of rapidly developing in an impressively successful way."

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Flourish Ojai came to life in 2019 with Founder & Creative Director,

Diana Syvertson

June 4, 2002 – a day when I heard the call to a new adventure and a dying to my old life. A realization that when I hung out in my grove of oaks and sycamores and listened to the sounds of the creek, I would lose my mind. My small mind disappeared and a connection to a ground of being grew.


What if I created a gathering spot and built a small space among the trees for friends to come for simple meditations and creative art and movement and circle gatherings to just be? To share in the stillness and peace and absorb nature’s Divine Intelligence?


And so I did. And friends came and other friends came and taught there and we shared and were vulnerable with each other and found peace and safety.

Our Founder
Our Community

Meet our community of consultants that help bring our vision & mission to life!

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