"What if  there was a center where people could come and connect with beauty,  feel at home and develop their life’s dreams in a space of encouragement and trust? "

Welcome to Flourish Ojai.


Nestled in the heart of the Ojai Valley, Flourish Ojai is a location like no other. The Center seamlessly blends history, functionality, nature, and creative expression to cultivate a space for growth, joy, and balance. The love built into its very framework is tangible from the moment you step over the threshold.


A variety of sunlit spaces and accommodations offer possibilities for a wide variety of events from ceremonies to workshops to performances to gatherings. The sanctuary, community room and kitchen all have built-in cameras for recording and livestream possibility.

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The first floor features a large, open community room, a full catering kitchen, a beautiful, treed, outdoor courtyard with a fountain and speakers, three private restrooms,  a serene sanctuary space featuring a 10-foot wooden lotus mandala, and a welcoming lobby.
All spaces feature multiple light settings, automatic window shades, and central heating and air. Amenities, such as dishes, cooking supplies, tables, chairs, meditation cushions, and back jack chairs are all available upon request.

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Up the outdoor stairs from the courtyard is a spacious deck with a view of the Topa Topa Mountains, complete with a dining table and sun shades. 


The upstairs floor includes two fully furnished bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen and living room, as well as a meeting room with beautiful, natural light.


The inside staircase meets the door of the sanctuary on the ground floor.




Flourish Ojai offers a number of ways to utilize technology to reach your audience during this global shift. 

Our built-in systems offer incredible possibilities for recording, live-streaming, and sharing. Featuring Blackmagic built-in studio cameras, a web presenter, podcast recording equipment, microphones, and social media platform integrations, we've got you covered.


Not sure what you need? No problem - we offer consulting and hosting services to make sure all your needs are met and your digital program is a success! Get in touch today to inquire further.

Email us at team@flourishojai.com



The front steps of Flourish Ojai.
The front steps of Flourish Ojai.

Trellis view of W. Aliso St.
Trellis view of W. Aliso St.

Parking Lot Floor Plan
Parking Lot Floor Plan

The front steps of Flourish Ojai.
The front steps of Flourish Ojai.