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“Everyone is an artist capable of inspiring their communities to create their future collectively in a sustainable way.”

Creating artistic messages with natural materials is part of our DNA. Consider cave drawings, rock formations, and smoke signals to name a few. 

To celebrate this Earth Day, we invited our Ojai community to share nature designs and messages via this Open Call.

Thank you to everyone who submitted videos and images celebrating Earth Day, and to all who joined us for this event's exhibitions!

Thank you to Melissa of Local and Lovely for these beautiful pictures of your Earth Day celebrations. We continue to be moved by our Ojai community's enthusiasm and participation in 6 Feet of Connection | Back to Our Roots - a lovely reminder that every day is Earth Day!

Melissa is, “a Chef, an Artist, a Body Worker, a Student Traveler of this Luscious Life and a Grateful Soul treading as lightly as possible upon this OUR Beloved Earth.

My Motto is: We are ALL in this Together. "

A beautiful community submission from Ojai's Andre Christou!


Thank you for helping us continue to celebrate our Mother Earth. Visit Golden West Studio to view her gorgeous handmade jewelry right here in Ojai!

6 Feet of Connection is supported by the City of Ojai Arts Commission, The Ojai Retreat Cultural Center, Porch Gallery Ojai, and Flourish Ojai, and promoted internationally by Building Bridges Art Exchange.

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