“Everyone is an artist capable of inspiring their communities to create their future collectively in a sustainable way.”

Creating artistic messages with natural materials is part of our DNA. Consider cave drawing, rock formations, and smoke signals to name a few. 


To celebrate this Earth Day, YOU are invited to share your nature designs and messages with the community via this Open Call. Please take photos or video of your home-based art (where you live or in your favorite spot in nature) and submit your imagery and any related thoughts you’d like to share by April 11th


You can participate from your home and be part of this movement through sharing photos and videos of your art (installation, performance, earth art, etc.) made of only earth-based natural materials. We look forward to sharing some of our community submissions right here on this site!

Please click the button below to access the community art submission form. Send it and your photos/videos to

Photos courtesy of Gerdi Alvarado, Ojai artist & community member

6 Feet of Connection is supported by the City of Ojai Arts Commission, The Ojai Retreat Cultural Center, Porch Gallery Ojai, and Flourish Ojai, and promoted internationally by Building Bridges Art Exchange.

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