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Photos courtesy of Artist Marisa Caichiolo

The intent of 6 Feet of Connection: Back to our Roots was to create Rituals of Reconnection with the Earth, an open space for local artists and our Ojai Valley community to honor the Earth through the power of artistic expressions that build understanding, connect, transform, and ignite. 


The community-wide initiative included 3 free online workshops by international land installation artists and a collection of photos of videos of our own installations throughout the Valley.


In February, we invited local artists to submit their applications for review by a jury. Selected artists will have the

opportunity to have photos and videos of their work exhibited on this site and on the Building Bridges Art Exchange in Santa Monica. In March, community members were encouraged to submit photos/videos of their land art as well. 

Since 1970, people around the world have been promoting and supporting sustainable actions and inspiring constructive approaches to the environmental crisis through Earth Day.


Now, more than ever, we must collectively act. In order to survive, we must mobilize our community to work together in bringing back balance between humanity and the natural order of things. We must remember what it means to love the Earth as our Mother. 


The pandemic is giving us a pause.


For a moment, humanity has no choice but to reflect on its vulnerability. Through art, we have the power to reach each other, to communicate, and to establish a deeper understanding & emotional connection with our planet. 


Marisa Caichiolo launched this project as part of her Flourish Ojai Fellowship, bringing 25 years of practice as a contemporary artist, international curator, and founder of Building Bridges Art Exchange.


Though she works internationally and Building Bridges is located in Santa Monica,  Marisa lives with her son in Ojai and is excited to engage with other local artists and all interested community members towards creating a joint exhibition of LAND ART in the Ojai Valley.

Marisa Caichiolo


6 Feet of Connection is supported by the City of Ojai Arts Commission, The Ojai Retreat Cultural Center, Porch Gallery Ojai, and Flourish Ojai, and promoted internationally by Building Bridges Art Exchange.

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