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"What if  it only took a season to make lasting change? "

The Fellowship Program is designed to rally the Flourish Ojai community to support entrepreneurs (including social entrepreneurs) with big dreams! 


In the spirit of Flourish Ojai, highly skilled, creative practitioners offer a unique coaching opportunity for select Flourish Fellows. A team of 4-5 practitioners combine their skills and tools to support each Fellow over a 3 month period, based on specific goals and desires. 


At the start of the pandemic, the Fellows program was put on hold. At this time, we have not yet reopened it. You are welcome to contact us with your information for review when we are able to begin again!

Image by Shane Rounce
Meet Some of Our Fellows:

Marisa Caichiolo

Multidisciplinary Artist

Marisa is our inaugural Flourish Fellow! 

Marisa is a professional contemporary artist, curator, animator, and founding Director of Building Bridges Art Exchange (BBAX), a not-for-profit organization located in Los Angeles. She is also a single mother.

In introducing herself to the Program, Marisa wrote, 

As a Latin American immigrant and a female artist, it was my dream to create a more unified world of understanding, and to have a narrative, a dialogue, and an open discussion about the social and political issues in today’s world.  I strongly believe that the BBAX platform continues to give amazing opportunities to artists from all over the world. We are currently working with artists in 34 countries. This is a dream come true for me!

Regarding her goals for the Fellowship, Marisa wrote, 

I feel that many of my goals and dreams have been realized.   Creatively, I’ve accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible, but it is not reflected in my personal economic situation or in the growing arts organization


In response, a team of five members of the Flourish Ojai community collectively contributed towards transforming Marisa’s situation. Together, they evaluated and developed a plan to elevate Marisa’s income through her role as a consulting curator and as the Executive Director of Building Bridges Art Exchange. 

  • Sketch Quest purpose session with Paula Brown.

  • Kolbe Conative Assessment with Nancy Stubbs

  • Akashic Records readings with Wendy Sue Wahl

  • Professional business planning, organization and promotions with Kevin Mills.

  • Nonprofit development, grant writing, and planning with Suzie Nixon.



  1. Marisa has written a book representing the past 10 years of her work as an artist and curator, and is using that work to support other artists, galleries, museums, and collectors in doing the same. 

  2. With her staff at BBAX, Marisa has developed an online forum of artists from all over the world, sharing their responses to COVID-19. They also devised online art classes for schools and kids in the greater Los Angeles area needing more activities while not in school (due to COVID-19). 

  3. Marisa took the lead in uniting BBAX with other arts organizations and galleries located at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, to quickly pivot after closing their doors, to remain vital. 

  4. As part of completing the Fellowship, Marisa will curate an International Earth Day Biennial Exhibit at the Flourish Ojai Center. 

  5. Marisa started to turn down short-term projects that don’t meet her long-term goals and dreams. 

As for as her larger contribution, she says, 

Most female artists leave their serious art careers behind to be mothers, wives and/or employees out of fear. I was close to doing that many times myself.  Being an immigrant also presents additional challenges.  It is my desire to help women spread their wings… to fly… to rise… high… and to create a better world for our children where peace is possible. Where being different is possible. Where speaking our truth is possible. I want to encourage other women around the world to do it as I did, without leaving their passions behind.       

Marisa's Book Cover.png

The Skin: A Land of Discoveries  

In this book, Argentina’s Marisa Caichiolo celebrates a decade of her work as an international artist and curator.

Click the photo to learn more.


Dr. Valerie Simonsen ND

Global Naturopathic Physician

Our second Fellow is Valerie Simonsen, N.D.

When asked to describe her current status relative to her business and her personal life, she wrote:

I have never separated my business from my personal life. I sense I have been given gifts to help all the beings on the planet. I am a leader in integrative medicine and international crisis relief support. I have done most of my adventures on my own with support for essential supplies (medicine, food, flights, etc.) from kind and generous people and companies. 

Dr. Valerie’s vision for community is for everyone to feel safe to be themselves. Her program, YOU KNOW MORE is designed for people from all walks of life and, especially, her target market:  those who respond first, whose work exponentially affects others, those who have “been there, done that.”


Of herself, she wrote,

There isn’t much I haven’t experienced in life and my well-rounded background gives me the leading edge. I have tools that are unearthed gems of survival in the face of danger. Tools that support living a wholistic life. Throughout the years, I have gained the confidence and courage to say, “This is me!”

In terms of the Fellowship, Dr. Valerie wrote that her goals were to:

  • To know my needs and ask for those to be met

  • Learn to come from a place of financial abundance

  • Develop computer skills to help make my vision come true. 


In response, the Flourish Ojai team that came together to support Valerie for 3 months: 

  • Akashic Records Readings with Wendy Sue Wahl

  • Kolbe Cognitive Assessment with Nancy Stubbs

  • Sketch Quest Purpose Session with Paula Brown 

  • Website and image access and storage with Gracie 

  • Video Scripting, Directing & Production with Kevin

  • Editing and video storage with David 

  • Book Preparation/Layout with Kevin 

  • Weekly Connection with Suzie to discuss progress, timeline, and business planning 



  1. New website with a session booking and payment system.

  2. One-minute introductory video.

  3. Completion of the ABCs book used to guide clients and groups in retreat towards a sense of wholeness and connectedness. 

  4. Application for fiscal sponsorship for a nonprofit organization designed to make retreats, educational programs, and personal sessions accessible. 

  5. Development of an advisory board for the nonprofit.  


Upon completion of her season of Fellowship, Dr. Valerie shared these words with the team:

The journey over the past few months has been an enjoyable game like baseball, full of base hits and home runs! Each person on the team brought profound elements in their innate roles.

Rejoice! I have been granted amnesty! I have Returned to the nature of my nature and Repurposed old behaviors and beliefs. I Revere myself and my teammates. Gloriously, with my personal Renaissance, I have and will continue to recommend this program to others. Doors have been opened in me that only strong, wise people have been able to do for me in the past. This team has been able to “call me on my stuff” and empower me to make changes that are essential for sustaining my mind, body, and soul. 

The Flourish fellowship has gifted me a loving relationship with a stable and simple structure for my business and finances. Now, I can direct my energies into serving people with ease, as the mission of you know more spreads across the world.  

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