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Dear Friend of Flourish Ojai, 


   Since sending you a message last fall about our change of focus, we've thoroughly enjoyed building partnerships with youth and young-adult related organizations in the Ojai Valley, including The CREW, the Green Valley Project, the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation, and Mesa. 

   Mesa is a new Ojai Valley nonprofit preventing homelessness and cultivating wellness among youth transitioning out of foster care. Earlier this year, Mesa received a grant to purchase a 10-acre property on the East End, which they are now revitalizing and preparing for young adults ages 18-24 to call home. 


   Founders of Mesa, Dan Parziale and Kyle Thompson state “We recognize that when people experience trauma throughout childhood, it becomes incredibly difficult to live a healthy life as adults, The same goes for our planet. When we traumatize the earth, it’s not possible to continue to function in a healthy, predictable way.” Visit: https://www.mesafarm.org

   We are dedicated to creatively supporting Mesa and other Ojai Valley youth organizations in their missions, which has opened a new world of possibilities for uses of the Center and for our practitioners to share their gifts with youth in our community and the adults who nurture them. 


We look forward to sharing future updates later this summer.

Diana and the Flourish Ojai Team