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Hello and Welcome to our Flourish Ojai 2023 Summer Season!

We are genuinely excited to share a new development with you! Our Flourish Fellows initiative, traditionally focused on empowering one local social entrepreneur at a time, has broadened its horizons to pilot an innovative and cooperative model working with a dynamic cohort of young adults.


We feel honored to partner with six extraordinary young adults, each in their 20s who are ready to launch new enterprises over the next season. They will intertwine their efforts with our Flourish team and a diverse array of skilled, curated practitioners to individually and collectively collaborate twice a week. They will also participate in homework assignments to foster growth in between.


The Fellowship program is designed to rally and champion others’ audacious dreams—the dreams that, once fulfilled, ripple out to touch and transform all our lives. Through an inside-out approach, we share our narratives, brainstorm, immerse in mind-body-spirit centering and focus work, and perform the critical emotional and mental practices that will unlock their voices and give wings to their innate artistry—their unique genius. Together, we embark on a remarkable journey, threaded with practical rituals, decisive actions, and resolute focus, designed to nurture clarity and co-creation. 


This summer, we are thrilled to be walking with these six courageous community members as they envision pioneering ways to address the pressing societal concerns of our time:


1.  The transformation towards regenerative living and conscious consumer choices


2.  Re-imagining how we experience and approach death and dying in our society


3.  Unearthing the intersections where spirituality and reality converge in intimate relationships


4.  Revolutionizing the business of marketing for the most noble causes


5.  Cultivating flourishing environments for artists through cooperative, community ventures


6.  Unveiling novel experiences for tourists to immerse in the exquisite, regenerative beauty of our home, the Ojai Valley


As the summer season comes to a close, we will be excited to share the results of these amazing endeavors! We will reveal what these experiences have taught us, shedding light on our personal growth and the evolutionary journey of our program, a journey that invites you to become a part of our story. We can change the world together!


With deep gratitude for the support of our community and you!

The Flourish Ojai Team

Diana, David, Suzie and Kevin

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