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New Beginnings Series

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New Beginnings


The New Beginnings Series is being created for your own evolution. Give yourself the opportunity to flourish in the New Year! Gain a deeper sense of your personal authorship and cultivate a deeper, kinder global perspective.

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An Ounce of Permission

The Next Ounce at Flourish Ojai

All you need is an ounce of Permission to change, to grieve, to release, to forgive, to manifest, to feel, to move through the next chapter of life…

This unique three-part program will be led by Entrepreneur in Resonance at Flourish Ojai and Master Teacher Kevin Mills.



Soul Verse

Discovering Your Prayer of Inner Recognition

Open yourself to hearing your own inner voice. Discover your prayer of intimate knowing and inner recognition. Join our muse and guide, Wendy Sue Wahl, and find your soul’s message waiting for you! During this 3-hour online workshop, you will have the opportunity to write your own Soul Verse to reveal what’s truly important to you and center your mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


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6 Feet of Connection | Back to our Roots

Presented by Marisa Caichiolo

An International Earth Day event, 6 Feet of Connection is supported by the City of Ojai Arts Commission, The Ojai Retreat Cultural Center, and Flourish Ojai, and promoted internationally by Building Bridges Art Exchange.

It is presented by Flourish Ojai Fellow & multidisciplinary artist Marisa Caichiolo.



Next Event: May 23rd

Bring your beliefs about loving partnerships, family members, communities, and yourself that cause frustration and uncertainty and explore them with Katie and a self-inquiry process called The Work. You will have the opportunity to experience this meditative practice with her loving guidance and open yourself to the possibility of a new story of freedom.


The Work of Byron Katie

at Flourish Ojai


Timeless Wisdom Today

with Guy Willams

Join Guy Williams, Spiritual Director and Wisdom Teacher, as he speaks with Flourish Ojai’s Diana Syvertson on attuning to the global shifts we are experiencing today. His insight and wisdom give perspective and understanding to navigate in these new times.


The Next Ounce - Thinkific.png

The Next Ounce at Flourish Ojai

Four stand-alone offerings from Kevin Mills & The Ounce Project

Seasonal Offering Dates:

March  21st

June  13th

September  19th

December  19th