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Guy Williams, Spiritual Director & Wisdom Teacher

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Guy is the Spiritual Director at two New Thought Spiritual Centers in Fallbrook, California & Tijuana, Mexico.

Listen to a great wisdom teacher, Guy Williams, share his insights on aligning with the natural world, learning from ancient mystics and feeling the planetary influences upon us. He gives us simple practices and offers a deeper understanding of the evolutionary changes that we are all experiencing.

View full, free episodes on the Timeless Wisdom Today program page: Click here!

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View full, free episodes on the Timeless Wisdom Today program page: Click here!


"My earliest memories seem to be where I got this “need to know” curiosity. The ephemeral questions – where did I come from, who am I, and what have I come to do – began to direct my attention to the echoes in my soul. They are always seeking a voice.

My education led me through the studies of history, theology, and philosophy. In all of this grew a deep love of the Western Mystery Traditions. As a result, I earned a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. I have spent time in such varied fields as social work, hospitality, and publishing. In time, I became an ordained New Thought minister and currently serve as the Spiritual Director of a community located in Fallbrook, California, and Tijuana, Mexico.

I am passionate about my work and thrilled to be part of the team at

Flourish Ojai where I can offer tools for self-awareness and personal growth. In addition to this, it is a pleasure to join with others in making the world a better place. These days, as I sit in the early morning at my desk watching Venus as she rises as the morning star, I muse, What If we all allowed our curiosities to lead us each day?"


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