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Paula Brown, Animal Communicator & Heartist

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Paula Brown is an Animal Communicator & Heartist who creates deep understanding with meaningful soul stories.

To view our interview with Paula Brown,

"What's On Their Mind? Your Pets & Covid 19"

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I was born a “Heartist”, drawing and talking from the heart. I had the ability to hear and sketch the voice of land and animals. Nature was my playmate, from mountains, the sea, to my grand parents’ country farms. Looking, seeing, and listening with my heart. I was told I had a “gift” of knowing, of hearing nature, as I touched and received messages from the land and animals.

Asked not to speak about my “talking with nature”, expanded with orders not to talk of the “soul” of products while finding their essence as Brand Creative Director for large ad agencies. My soul became invisible, buried. At the peak of my career, I had a medical emergency and passed away. This near death experience was filled with heart joy; love. I was sent back to “find purpose”. Pivoting took many years knowing the invisible connections to nature and soul. Now, I am speaking my truth, talking Soul Talk. It is my honor with both animal communications and purpose sketch storytelling, to help people see the “outside” in order to speak from the inside out!

What if we can find, see, the extraordinary in our “ordinary” strengths, to fire us and others up? Teaching “heart talk”, showing soul essence lights up my heart. “What if” I could guide others to bring into the visible the invisibles of their heart’s fire, to see, express, and succeed soul stories?

My Animal Communications with The Heart of Conversation, and my sketch quest picture storytelling with Chi-Lightful compliment Flourish’s purpose to open hearts. Firing up heart awakenings with heart to heart communication for pets, people, and environment is my gift, my passion, and serves my mission to heal the Earth.

Ignite is my one word. To ignite heart communications for all beings of nature.

To learn more about Paula's work, please visit her websites: AnimalHeartTalk.Com & Chilightful.Com


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