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Martha Ringer | Confidence Through Completing

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Martha Ringer, a coach & consultant, works with individuals on their ability to hold focus and attention so they can accomplish their tasks and gain Confidence Through Completion.

"My life is being of service, making myself available to what presents itself and serving what is in front of me to do regardless of any personal agenda.

The completing focus was given to me in the late 90’s by Spirit. I was driving in the Upper Ojai Valley asking, how can I be of service and use my gifts? Suddenly I see in giant letters in front of me the word COMPLETING. In that moment I saw the bigness in the meaning of that word and all it encompasses; completing life on this earth, completing what we are here to learn, completing our agreements, completing what we start etc. Then I saw the piece that I would be doing; teaching how to live in a state of completing from day-to-day.

We all deserve the gift of our own presence without life’s distractions and incompletes draining our attention. Being alive and fully present in this moment is the greatest gift I know. “Taking Action to Completion” brings our undivided attention into this very moment by corralling the scatter and incompletes, allowing greater relaxation, peace, and focus. The process of completing returns our confidence, self-respect, and self-acceptance.


ompleting aligns beautifully with Flourish’s inspiring intention to nourish with joy, compassion, creative expression, and transformation.

What if we can begin the process of greater peace in this world by first bringing peace and presence inside our own consciousness through completing? And what if we can live in thankfulness for all of it? Thankfulness is the word that inspires me now and continuously."

Listen Here to a podcast recording of "True Focus" and get a taste of Martha's work as she talks with Flourish Ojai's Diana Syvertson.

To learn more about Martha's work, connect with her at


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