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Reverend Wendy Sue, Within Integral Healing

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Reverend Wendy Sue Wahl is a certified Akashic Record Consultant & Teacher whose aspiration is to help you find your presence.

Wendy Sue joined us at the center in Ojai on Sunday, October 18, 2020 to offer:

Soul Verse:

Discovering Your Prayer of Inner Recognition.

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"It seems I have always known that there is a different and better way to relate to the Earth and its inhabitants. Having less than optimal early life experiences, I became a seeker of the paths that would help me arrive. What I have since realized is that there isn’t any arriving. I understand in a visceral way that life is a journey and the different and better way is to enter our personal, sacred space and find value and self-loving through the journey. The intimate relationship I have with Reiki and the Akashic Records reveals a loving energy of information that only wants to support humans in becoming their authentic whole selves.

Flourish Ojai has a vision which is in complete alignment with what I have been “calling in” for the Earth. I want others to know a centered place, an experience of expansive partnership with harmony, dignity, and joy. Experience and culture create many untruths which can dull our thoughts of who we really are. I feel we all need to know we are loved, important and unique, which will allow us to open our hearts and flow with ease.

What if we come together peacefully with ourselves through clarity and forgiveness and understanding? What if we support each other with kindness and compassion? My vision is to touch people at the soul level, to open the window to their truth so that a quiet breeze of strength enters gracefully."

To learn more about Wendy Sue's work, connect with her at


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